Brain Boost Room

Children at table with teacherWe understand the importance of preparing children for their Kindergarten and Elementary school experience.  Therefore, we have an optional Transitional Kindergarten Program led by a Kindergarten Teacher working closely with Alameda School District Standards. Our Brain Boost Room gives the child the time and support they need to transition from early childhood to the more rigorous and exciting learning experiences that lie ahead in Elementary school.

Developments that occur while we are playing and learning in the Brain Boost Room:

  • Solve problems and make decisions
  • Seek information for skill development
  • Demonstrate curiousity through exploration
  • Follow instructions
  • Develop listening skills
  • Exhibit the ability to finish a project or task
  • Focus
  • Phonics, write, read and count

Children playing BINGO

  • Our Brain Boost Room is optional for children 4 years old and over
  • Small group of 4 led by Kindergarten Teacher

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