Transition Center

Three toddlers painting watercolorsOur mixed age classroom allows for peer teaching, broad social interactions, individual differences in learning style and pace, and the opportunity for the social community as it is all around in our society, home, work, sports…  It provides the youngest students with a graded series of role models and the older students with peer teaching opportunities for reinforcement of learning.

  • All the different aspects of a child’s development are considered to be inseparable and of equal importance
  • A child is naturally eager for knowledge
  • Our classroom open the doors to creative thought and self initiative by awakening their imagination, fostering their desire for discovery and introducing your child to new possibilities

4 children reading
Teacher at table with children

  • Transition Center is from 2 years old to approximately 4 years old
  • We serve 2 nutritious snacks on a daily basis
  • We have 3 full time fully qualified teachers
  • If needed, a potty training plan is included in our daily routine

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