Infant Center

Three babies on play setHome and school are a young child’s two most important worlds.  Children must bridge these two worlds every day.  If home and school are connected in positive ways, children feel secure.  Teachers can build a true partnership when they truly value the family’s role in a child’s education and recognize how much they can accomplish by working with families and vice versa by respecting your school and their teachers, you are modeling a valuable life long habit.Musician with babies
Six babies at table

  • Our teachers learned through many years of experience of doing what they loved best that babies need:
    • Individualized care and attention
    • A safe place to explore
    • Engaging experiences that help them learn about the world around them
    • Group activities for their social and emotional health
  • Our infant program offers a nurturing environment and teachers who provide opportunities for your baby to learn and grow at his or her own pace
  • Our teachers will take care of and support your infant’s daily needs the same way you do at home
  • We will sing, talk, hold, read, play, rock, rub your baby’s back… for your infant to blossom by stimulating your baby’s cognitive emotional and physical development
  • Our infant center is small and personal with the same caregivers since the opening of our infant center for your infant to have the opportunity to form a strong bond with their caregiver and to form a sense of identity
  • By having a strong bond to his/her caregiver your child feels secure and therefore develops confidence to go and explore his/her environment.  By exploring the child runs into numerous opportunities for problem solving, which is the basis of a young child’s development.  By appreciating development, Small Size Big Mind can provide a rich, appropriate environment with activities such as hands on, discovery-oriented, collaborative, open-ended experiences that translate experience into learning.

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