Our Staff

Our entire staff is fully qualified and all of them are early childhood teachers majoring in early childhood development.  Our staff are all CPR and First Aid certified, emergency prepared and trained in childcare first response.Teacher on tricycle with kids

  • Curriculum becomes more than content when a loving teacher presents it for learning
  • Small Size Big Mind teachers’ role is an ongoing cycle of observing children, guiding their learning and assessing their progress.  The teachers know how to motivate children, build on their prior knowledge or strengths, and support their learning in an intentional way by using a variety of strategies to increase their knowledge, skills, or understandings.
  • Our teachers offer a nurturing environment where they will care and support, and provide many opportunities for your child to learn and grow at his/her own pace.
  • The majority of our staff has been at Small Size Big Mind since opening in 2006.  The director personally selected most of our staff from her own Alameda community to come together to form Small Size Big Mind.

Teacher skipping with kids in the rain

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